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Online Empowerment Program

Do you want

  • more confidence?
  • more clarity and focus?
  • more energy to crush your goals?
  • to develop better relationships?
  • live a happier more authentic life?

Then this online program is perfect for you!  Discover your personal power will help you put all the pieces together to create a vibrant and meaningful life.  You will learn to put all the puzzle pieces together and replenish your soul by discovering your personal strength and power. 

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12 Week Program


New theme every three weeks based on the four pieces of the puzzle.

You will get

  • Access to weekly video content
  • Weekly emails
  • Weekly worksheets
  • Weekly "call to action" & journal prompts
  • Private Facebook group to support one another


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Mental Health

 is a vital part of your life.  It impacts thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It is the first puzzle piece because it impacts all the other pieces of the puzzle.

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Emotional health

 is important to help us process feelings and develop resilience to stress. Strong emotional health provides confidence, increased self-esteem and strength in adversity. 

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Physical health

is important for living a full and vibrant life. Physical health increases energy and strength and increases hormones that increase happiness and connection. 

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Social health

 improves physical health and mental and emotional well-being. Social connection is vital for survival. Improving social connections enriches our lives and creates joy.



Online Empowerment Program

As women, we often get lost in the identities of being a mom and a wife and an employee.  We give so much to others, but often forget to take care of ourselves.  But, it is only by taking care of ourselves that we can give better to others.  Let me help you fill your cup and regain your strength, authenticity, and courage so that you can live the vibrant and meaningful life you always dreamed of and discover your personal power.

Peggy Moore


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