Show Notes - Resiliency

Hello, my friends

 I am so excited to be talking with you guys today. I just finished my Coaching Training this past week and am now a Certified Professional Coach with the Aim Higher coaching who is accredited by the International Coaching Federation which is the Gold Standard for Coaching with accredited training, compliance standards of practice, code of conduct and code of ethics.  I am pretty excited and I am offering a Free discovery session if you want to chat.  I will leave a link in the show notes. 

Alright so let’s get started, I put out an inquiry on Facebook, to see what people wanted to hear about and one of my dear friends who is a Marriage and Family counselor herself, said Resilience.  I loved this. I worked for the government alongside military personnel in the hospital at Landstuhl Regional medical center in the Intensive Care Unit form 2009-2016 where we took care of patients that were injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It was...

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