Show Notes - Using Your Brain to Make Decisions

Hello, my friends, Peggy Moore here with the Discover your personal power podcast. As a former Trauma ICU nurse, I love pathophysiology.  I love learning how the body and mind work.  And I especially love talking about the brain. Today, I am going to talk about how we can train our brains to help us live a life of peace, purpose, and power.   Understanding how your brain works can help when targeting new behaviors and trying to change bad habits. 

Let’s learn together how to manage our minds or control our brains.

We make decisions with two parts of our brain, the lower brain or the higher brain.  The lower brain is also known as the primitive or emotional brain. The higher brain is the prefrontal cortex or executive functioning part of the brain. 

Let’s talk about the lower brain for a minute. 

Lower brain, primitive brain, or emotional brain is the part of our mind that is dominated by emotions. We have an emotion, and that emotion...

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