Doing the detective work

do the detective work Mar 10, 2020

Previously, we talked about buffers and how we often use things like overspending, over-eating, or binge-watching Netflix as a way to buffer our emotions. 

We spent this past week justs observing our actions and our emotions. This week we are talking about those emotions and what drives emotions.

What kind of emotions did you feel this week? Which ones were helpful for you to meet your goals? Which ones were unhelpful?  

What were some of your buffers?

Did you write in your journal some of your reasons for buffering?  

Remember, we often use buffers to prevent emotions from scratching us. We try to prevent ourselves from feeling unpleasant feelings. However, usually, when we are buffering we are just delaying some kind of negative consequences. 

What we need to do instead is to learn to feel our feelings. We need to learn how to experience our emotions authentically and mindfully.  

We can learn to feel our feelings by not...

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