Show Notes - How to deal with difficult people and keep your cool.

How to deal with difficult people and keep your cool

I think dealing with difficult people who want to criticize, spout anger, hate, and unkindness is one of the biggest challenges when you are trying to live a life of authenticity, peace, purpose, and power. 

When dealing with difficult people or people who say unkind things, it is so easier to hurl words that are unkind and hurtful right back at them.  This is called mirroring.  This is our emotional brain on default. Remember our emotional brain is our primitive brain. This part of our brain is responsible for emotions and the fight or flight system.  When someone says unkind things to us or does something we think is unkind or a fight or flight system takes notice and seeks to protect us.  It tells us to fight - say mean things back or flee, go somewhere safe with our tail between our legs.  This puts a little ding in our soul with either response. 

If we fight, we may inevitably say things...

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