Challenging negative thoughts

How to Change Automatic Negative Thoughts to Positive Empowering Thoughts. 

Or how to squash the ANTS and turn them into PETS
ANTS are Automatic Negative Thoughts

Ever have those? If not, you can stop reading, but if you have, let's talk about some reasons we may have some ANTS

Why do we have ANTS?


ANTS usually come from your emotional brain. The part of the brain that is automatic. The part of the brain where they have been rehearsed before. That way, they are easier to accept and believe. Your brain fools you into thinking that your negative thoughts are accurate and logical. 

Automatic Negative thoughts are normal. It is the brain’s way of protecting us.

Sometimes we need automatic negative thoughts to keep us safe. Don’t eat that. Don’t walk there. Runaway or you are going to get hurt. Our ancestors needed this automatic emotional part of their brain to keep them alive. It helped them lookout for threats and to keep...

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