Show Notes - What you can control

Hello, Peggy Moore, here with the Discover Your Personal Power Podcast. 

How are things? How are you guys holding up my friends among all this coronavirus craziness? It's been a little painful here.  So, you guys know I live in Okinawa, Japan, and work for the department of the defense school system here.  I am a school Nurse and my husband teaches 6th-grade math.  We both love our jobs.  Our jobs pay for our beautiful home on the beach and they also pay for us to go home every summer.  This was one of my conditions for keeping a job overseas.  If I can go home and be with my kids for three months in summer and we can find some way to be with them at Christmas, we could make this work. And so far we have been overseas over twelve years and always been able to make that work. With our kids coming to us in the summer or us going to them.

Well, of course, this year with the coronavirus that is not happening. Japan has been very strict with...

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Show Notes - Beliefs

Hello my friends, It is July 29, 2020.  My birthday is tomorrow.  Whohoo! I love birthday time, it is a fun time to reflect and look at my past year and what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish in this next year. Pretty exciting.  I also just got done with my first ever FB Live. I am part of an entrepreneurial group and we do challenges or little workshops for each other.  I did this one on personality types and it was such fun. Maybe, I’ll put it up on the website for you guys to check out if you want. 

I want to give a shout out to my friend New York Nanny who wrote “so sick of Covid restrictions.  Peggy’s thoughts on resiliency are just what I needed to hear.  Thank you so much for leaving a review on iTunes.  I am so glad I was able to provide content for you that was valuable.  

Today we are talking about beliefs.  Beliefs are the foundations for our thoughts. 

Beliefs create maps...

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