Managing your Mind

managing your mind Mar 10, 2020

Managing your MInd

Understanding how your brain works can help you and learning to direct your thoughts can help you 

  • Make better decisions
  • Prevent decision fatigue
  • Crush your goals
  • Manage your mind

The Lower Brain

We make decisions with two parts of our brain, the lower brain, and the higher brain. The lower brain is the emotional part of the brain and the higher brain is our rational part of the brain. 

The lower brain or the emotional brain is the part of our mind that is dominated by emotions. We have an emotion, and that emotion tells us to act. We’re afraid, so we hide. We’re happy, and we sing. We’re angry so we hit something. We feel a little tense, we reach for a piece of chocolate. 

The bigger the emotions get, the more prone we are to use our emotional brain to make decisions. This is what’s known as impulsive behavior. A big emotion arises, and along with it comes an urge to act. If the emotion is big enough we...

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sister-ing Mar 10, 2020

l  was listening to a podcast recently and the presenter talked about a concept in building or carpentry called "sistering."   When building a strong, beautiful structure such as a house or a church or any other kind of building, carpenters take blocks of wood and create a series of beams to hold up some type of structure like the floor or ceiling.   These building blocks of the structure are called joists.

A joist is a strong beam that supports a greater structure such as a ceiling or a floor. A carpenter takes boards and lays them together to handle a certain load that holds up the ceiling or floor. The joist is a horizontal structural member used in framing to span an open space, often between beams that subsequently transfer loads to vertical members. When incorporated into a floor framing system, joists serve to provide stiffness to the subfloor sheathing, allowing it to function as a horizontal diaphragm to holds up the ceiling or floor. 


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You are enough

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

You are enough

I have been thinking about the topic of “being enough.”  As women, with the many roles we play, I think we hold ourselves to very high standards in all aspects of our life.  According to the Department of Education, evidence suggests perfectionism is indeed more common in females. I remember years of making myself crazy trying to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother and the perfect nurse.  I would pray for just a little more energy, a little more stamina and then I could get it all done. I made lists and lists of lists to keep track of the ever-moving wheel of my life. I always felt that I fell short and that I was never enough.  I never felt like a conqueror. I always felt defeated because I told myself that I wasn’t enough.  

I had to learn to change my story.

“You must master a new way to think before you master a new way to be"  

 I love the concept that we choose our thoughts.  We choose...

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Love Wins!

love wins Mar 07, 2020

I was going through my book of favorite quotes and came across this one. If you have heard of or read the book Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle, you will recognize this as her signature.

                                                        Love Wins!

What does that mean to you?

To me, “love wins” means giving people the benefit of the doubt. It means compassion for someone who may see things differently than me, and it means, instead of harboring hard feelings in my heart, I can choose to have peace and let “love win” instead.

Like anyone, else, I have met my share of hurtful people, who may or may not have been intentional in that hurt. But, when love wins, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what I choose, and I choose to love.

One of the best things about life is that we get to choose...

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Write a letter recommending you

This past week at church, we were discussing the epistles of Paul. An epistle is another word for a poem or literary work in the form of a letter or series of letters. Paul writes letters to the Corinthians explaining to the people that our lives should be like epistles of recommendation for the gospel of Christ.
With this in mind, I had each of my students spend some time writing a letter that recommended them as a compassionate, caring, follower of Christ.

This was such a great exercise because no one wanted to “brag” about themselves. We talked about this and how it is not “bragging” when we recognize the good within us. We need to focus on what qualifies us as useful, productive people in society. We need to know and embrace what makes us unique. We need to focus on our strengths and virtues. We need to practice self-compassion and realize we are worthy of recommendation.

Writing an epistle or letter to ourselves recommending ourselves as a...

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Failure is not the opposite of success it is an essential part of the process.

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2020

Lately, I have been thinking about the notion of success and failure and what that looks like for each of us as we navigate this thing called life. I just passed my National certification exam for School Nursing. I am very excited and I want to share that with you guys, but more importantly, I want to share with you a story.

A little of my story

As a teenager, the desire to have fun and survive high school won out over studying and working hard. I graduated HS with a 2.99 and failed the second semester of my Anatomy and Physiology class my Senior year because I thought it would be more fun to skip school. Summer semester, I had to retake A&P because I needed the science credits to graduate. I was able to walk with my class for graduation,  but instead of them handing me a diploma, they gave me a blank piece of paper.

Growing up,  you were either smart or not smart. I pretty much put myself in the not-smart category. Words like dumb and stupid and idiot were thrown...

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Seven fun ways to turn on the light

Fill your cup and nourish your soul by using these seven ways to find the good in every day. These seven tricks will help you keep positive reminders of good times, good places, good friends and good fun. Make a habit of finding the good in every day and then create a Talisman to help your remember them. A Talisman is an object thought to have magic powers and bring good luck. It is an object or a symbol to help us remember something special.

Collect Charms

This summer for my 50th birthday we went on an Alaskan cruise with good friends that we have had for over 20 years.  Together, my friend and I collected charms from all the ports that we adventured together. I love my charm bracelet and its something I can wear anytime to help me remember our fun adventures together. Whenever I look at my charms it makes me smile. 

For your curious mind: Charm bracelets can be traced back to the Neolithic era and Egyptian age.  Christians wore charms in the shape of fish in Rome to...

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Mindset and Shoud-ing

mindset and shoulding Mar 07, 2020


Research has shown that the mindset you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you live your life. Mindset is your established set of attitudes about life, growth, progress, intelligence, and learning. I am a huge fan of Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck. Dr. Dweck has researched and studied the effects of mindsets and how that relates to learning, growth, and happiness for over thirty years. Having a growth mindset allows one to embrace challenges, learn from failure, and not compare themselves to others.

Strive for progress, not perfection

A little over five years ago, I decided that I want to be more physically in shape. I had several friends that ran marathons and traveled all over the world doing different races and activities, and I wanted to give it a try. At the time, I had just passed my 40th birthday and was about 80 pounds overweight. I decided to start a couch to 5K running program. This program promised as you gradually increased your run/walk ratio, you...

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