Welcome to the Discover Your Personal Podcast and Blog the Notebook

Welcome to the very first Discover Your Personal Power Podcast. 

I am super excited to chat with you about the Discover your Personal Power Podcast. First off,  Thank you so much for tuning in.  I listen to lots of podcasts myself and love learning about how to improve myself and help others. I also read many blogs, and I love both venues, so I am providing the show notes for each of my podcasts here.  thank you so much for finding the Discover Your Personal Power Notebook. 

My name is Peggy Moore, I am a school nurse and a life coach living in Okinawa, Japan. That is right. I get paid to live on the beach. It’s amazing.!  I married my sweetheart at nineteen and we are going on 31 years of an exhilarating and daunting rollercoaster ride of marriage, but I can honestly say my husband is the love of my life and the man of my dreams. 

I have three children. all are adults and doing well, hallelujah. Thank god when our kids are doing well!...

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5 Powerful Ways to Enhance Your Relationships

Uncategorized May 10, 2020

5 Powerful Ways to Enhance Your Relationships.

Be Present

Being present is to be in the moment.  To sit and take a breath and mindfully feel the energy. We are present when we are empathetic and perceptively seeking to understand the feelings and emotions of the one we are currently connecting with.  Whether that be a loved one, a friend, or a co-worker. This is so important in relationships. We have such busy lives and so many distractions. We are with our loved ones every day and often we take them for granted. Make the most of your moments.

Be aware of the present moment and the precious time you have with your loved one.  Soak it in, create memories deep in your mind. Pay attention to what they are saying.  Ask questions that take you into their story. Go there with them. Allow them to be vulnerable and yet feel safe.  Comfort them when they feel grief and allow them to feel your love when they are hurting. Create a soft landing place when they are...

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The Power of Words

Uncategorized May 10, 2020

Who is familiar with the movie The Princess Bride?

  • Remember this scene:  
  • Buttercup: Oh, Westley, will you ever forgive me?
  • Westley: What hideous sin have you committed lately?
  • Buttercup: I got married. I didn't want to. It all happened so fast.
  • Westley: Never happened.

  • Buttercup: What?
  • Westley: Never happened.
  • Buttercup: But it did. I was there. This old man said, "man and wife."

  • Westley: Did you say "I do"?
  • Buttercup: Uh, no. We sort of skipped that part.
  • Westley: Then, you're not married. If you didn't say it, you didn't do it.
  • If you didn't say it, you didn't do it. 

Words are Powerful

Words can either lift, help, encourage, enlighten, mend, soothe, heal and love 


they can hurt, humiliate, destroy, irritate, discourage or bring down

"Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair" Hyder Zahed


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Take the Next best step

Have you truly wanted to do something and been too intimidated to try it?  Do you have big dreams and set awesome goals for yourself, but you just don’t know where to start?

If you could just take one step towards your future self, what would that look like?

So often, we get caught up in the fabulousness and glitter and sparkle of our big goal. It's impressive, right? I am going to lose 50 lbs and look fabulous like J Lo. I am going to have this fantastic career. I am going to be a successful athlete. 

I love BIG goals. I am personally one who wants Stars in the Sky type goals. I like to dream big. And that is great. 

We all want a transformation. We want that dramatic before and after the picture. But we don't want to muddle through the middle or muddle through the muck as I referred to it before. We want transformation, and we want it now. 

I am a runner. I usually run 6 miles 3-4 days a week, depending on if I am training for something or not....

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Finding your Focus

finding your focus Mar 10, 2020

Finding Focus

Who knows the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

As Alice is wandering in the woods she comes upon the Cheshire Cat and asks “What road do I take?”

And the Cheshire Cat asks  “Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know,” Alice answered. "Then," said the Cat, "it really doesn't matter, does it?

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. 

Today we are going to talk about knowing where you are going, along with knowing your direction and your Focus

The Webster dictionary defines Focus as a guiding or motivating purpose or principle.

I love that! We can choose our Focus. We can choose the guiding motivating purpose or principles that guide our lives. We can choose what road or path we take.

Do you know what road you want to take? Do you know where you are going? Are you going the direction you want to go? Do you have a Focus to guide you?

Lao Tzu says "At...

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Challenging negative thoughts

How to Change Automatic Negative Thoughts to Positive Empowering Thoughts. 

Or how to squash the ANTS and turn them into PETS
ANTS are Automatic Negative Thoughts

Ever have those? If not, you can stop reading, but if you have, let's talk about some reasons we may have some ANTS

Why do we have ANTS?


ANTS usually come from your emotional brain. The part of the brain that is automatic. The part of the brain where they have been rehearsed before. That way, they are easier to accept and believe. Your brain fools you into thinking that your negative thoughts are accurate and logical. 

Automatic Negative thoughts are normal. It is the brain’s way of protecting us.

Sometimes we need automatic negative thoughts to keep us safe. Don’t eat that. Don’t walk there. Runaway or you are going to get hurt. Our ancestors needed this automatic emotional part of their brain to keep them alive. It helped them lookout for threats and to keep...

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Muddling through the Muck

We are one month into this new year. It is the 29th of January in my part of the world and I am just checking on all my friends. How are you all doing on your New Years' resolutions or goals? When we make a new goal or resolution, we are so excited. We have a lot of motivation and we are ready to accomplish great things. We are going along, and then slowly but surely, we lose a little momentum. We sometimes get stuck as we try to muddle through the middle. We could quit. And maybe we have done that before. But what if we just learn to keep on trucking and muddle through the middle.

Muddling through the Muck

Have you ever watched Chip and Joanna Gaines show Fixer Upper?

They take a trashy looking house and turn it into an unbelievable showcase. I have seen them literally take a shack and turn it into a beautiful home. I love watching that show as they take us through the craziness and mess of remodeling a home. Fixer-upper muddles through the muck in under 60 minutes when in...

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Doing the detective work

do the detective work Mar 10, 2020

Previously, we talked about buffers and how we often use things like overspending, over-eating, or binge-watching Netflix as a way to buffer our emotions. 

We spent this past week justs observing our actions and our emotions. This week we are talking about those emotions and what drives emotions.

What kind of emotions did you feel this week? Which ones were helpful for you to meet your goals? Which ones were unhelpful?  

What were some of your buffers?

Did you write in your journal some of your reasons for buffering?  

Remember, we often use buffers to prevent emotions from scratching us. We try to prevent ourselves from feeling unpleasant feelings. However, usually, when we are buffering we are just delaying some kind of negative consequences. 

What we need to do instead is to learn to feel our feelings. We need to learn how to experience our emotions authentically and mindfully.  

We can learn to feel our feelings by not...

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What we do when we want to escape


What do you do when you want to escape your emotions?


Many times in our lives we use buffers to prevent us from feeling emotions,  especially negative emotions. Overeating, Overspending, Over-drinking, Binge-watching social media, TV or Netflix.  

Eating, spending, drinking or watching TV or Netflix are not completely negative behaviors.  We have to eat to live. We have to spend money on things that we need and so on. It is when we use these things to buffer emotions that it begins to be a problem. 

Drunk analogy:  Let's say your at a party.  And there is somebody there that has had a little too much alcohol and is stumbling around because they are really drunk, yet they think they're having a great time. You know this person, right? They're having the time of their life but you look at them and they're not even at home. The question is, is that person having fun? This person isn't even really conscious of what's...

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New Year, New Goals. Learn this effective strategy to meet all your goals.

new year new goals Mar 10, 2020

Do you want to have the mental energy to achieve all your goals and live a life full of meaning and purpose? Learn how to prevent decision fatigue and conserve your brainpower to create a more meaningful and intentional life.

Decision Fatigue

What is decision fatigue? Decision fatigue is that time of day when your brain is tired from making all the decisions throughout the day. Its that time of day, when your children ask "what's for dinner" and you are too tired to make a healthy choice so you just choose pizza. It is that time of day when you snap at your spouse because you're too tired to take a moment to make a kinder more rational response. Its that time of day when more rational plans or goals go out the window and choices are made with emotions.

So Many Choices

All the choices we make throughout the day add up. We live in a world where we have so many choices.  Think about ordering your morning coffee from Starbucks.  There are over 80,000 ways to order a...

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